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Courville Stadium Guidelines

(NOTE: These guidelines are subject to change pending need of safety and security at Courville Stadium)



  • Gates open to the public one hour before the start of the game.
  • A Clear Bag Policy is in place. CLEAR BAG or SMALL CLUTCH (5x7)
  • Passes accepted: District 9-5A, THSCA, TGCA, THSADA.
  • Only authorized personnel will be allowed on the field.
  • No outside Food or Beverages will be allowed.
  • No Re-entry. Spectators will not be allowed to leave the stadium and return unless they purchase another ticket.
  • Students Pre-k-6th grade MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • Student ID needed to sit in the designated student section.
  • No standing at the rails or in the aisles.
  • Congregating under the bleachers during the games will not be permitted.
  • Balls, noisemakers, strollers, coolers, and drinks are not allowed.
  • Appropriate clothing is required for entry.
  • Inappropriate behavior and/or foul language is not allowed.
  • Unsportsmanlike activity may result in being removed from the stadium.
  • The student handbook and code of conduct will be in effect for all GISD students.
  • No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances and tobacco products.
  • No Animals or comfort pets allowed.

  • Students/spectators who violate these policies will be escorted from the stadium, not allowed readmittance, not be refunded and may be banned from the stadium and all Extra- Curricular events for up to one calendar year.


All media (TV, newspaper, community, photographers, videographers) are required to obtain a media pass from the Galveston ISD Athletics Department to be allowed on the sidelines for any event at Courville Stadium. Media passes are limited. The following guidelines should be adhered to during all events:


  • All media should remain in designated areas: Between the End zone and 20-yard line on both sides of the field; For all other sports, the head coach will designate media areas.
  • At no time should any media be beyond the 20-yard line (FOOTBALL)
  • At no time should any media be in the coach’s/player box (ALL SPORTS)
  • All media should remain behind the designated markers on the sidelines for their safety and the safety of athletes.
  • Access to student athletes, coaches, locker rooms or other areas for interviews, photos or media needs is at the discretion of the Galveston ISD Athletic Coordinator and/or the head coach and should be arranged prior to the event. Contact the Athletic Department for information.
  • Media shall comply with requests made by administrators or coaches on duty during any Galveston ISD event.


Galveston ISD Communications staff and designated students may attend events for district or campus photo and video needs. District staff and students have preference for sideline access for all Galveston athletic events.


  • Remember that you are at a contest to support your team and to enjoy the competition. Spectators are not to intimidate, taunt, or ridicule the opposing players, opposing fans or officials.
  • Remember that high school and middle school athletes are students and that they sometimes make mistakes. Praise student athletes for their attempts to improve, just as you would praise students working in the classroom. 
  • Remember that holding a ticket to a school athletic event is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to attack others verbally or to be obnoxious. 
  • Learn the rules of the game to understand and appreciate certain situations that take place during a contest. 
  • Show respect for opposing players, coaches, spectators, and support groups. Treat them as you would treat a guest in your home. Avoid comments of an ethnic, racial, or sexual nature. 
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of the game officials. They do their best to promote student-athletes, so admire their willingness to participate in full view of the public! 
  • Show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team. 
  • Refrain from using alcohol or drugs before, during and after games on or near the site of the event (i.e. tailgating). 


  • All team personnel that are not in game uniform must have a sideline pass. This includes: Coaches, athletic trainers, student trainers, student managers, and any other support staff. Cheerleaders that are in game uniforms do not need a pass, but any support staff not in uniform must have a pass.
  • Use of tobacco, sunflower seeds, and gum is prohibited.
  • Absolutely no glass bottles, cans, or food on the field. This includes cheerleaders and their support groups.
  • All equipment such as training tables, fans, and heaters must have a protective base – Make arrangements with the stadium manager.
  • UIL Constitution and Contest Rules apply at Galveston ISD Courville Stadium. A copy of these rules can be found at
  • No cannons or confetti. All mechanical noisemakers, such as air horns or victory bells, must be mutually agreed on by both competing teams. A written agreement must be signed by both coaches and faxed to the GISD Athletic Office prior to the game. Without this written agreement, mechanical noise makers will not be allowed in the stadium.
  • All run through signs must be vinyl/cloth with permanent paint that does not run when wet. DO NOT use painted paper.
  • Band props must not mark or scar the field. This includes painted items as well as sharp wheels or other equipment that may damage the artificial surface.
  • Only personnel with sideline passes can be on the field – spectators are not allowed on the field before, during, or after the games.
  • No ice chests will be allowed in the stadium; except for the competing teams, bands, and drill teams.
  • No paper banners or signs are allowed in the stadium.

  • Cheer only in a way that supports and uplifts the teams involved. 
  • Compliment school and league administrators for their efforts to support educational athletics and fair play. 
  • Be a positive role model through your own actions and censure poor behavior in other spectators. 


  • Students must have a student ID in order to enter ANY athletic event. 
  • No loitering of students in common areas, particularly out in front of the stadium, in front of the concession areas, in front of the bathrooms, behind the home-side bleachers, north & south of the home-side bleachers, behind the end zone areas inside of the stadium, or in walkway areas within the bleachers/stands.  Essentially, students should be in the stands or moving to and from the bathroom or concessions; never standing, loitering, or being highly disruptive. 
  • Students will NOT be able to re-enter the stadium once they leave.
  • Students should NOT curse, run within the stadium, cause a safety hazard, or be highly disruptive or discourteous to others. 


GISD Student Code of Conduct:  School rules and the authority of the district to administer discipline apply whenever the interest of the district is involved, on or off school grounds, in conjunction with or independent of classes and school-sponsored activities. The district has disciplinary authority over a student while the student is in attendance at any school-related activity, regardless of time or location.